Our sausages are made in house with local pork, chicken,beef and lamb. Our sausages are created with  no additives, preservatives and fillers. Full variety of gluten free available. We carry over 25 varieties. 

Get your grill ready ,,, with Gourmet's Sausages  

Mild  $5.99 per pound 

Honey garlic $6.99 per pound 

Hot & garlic $5.99 per pound 

Cheese & leek   $7.99per pound 

Maple bacon $7.99 per pound 

Maple  $ 7.99 per pound 

Sauerkraut  $6.99 per pound 

New Orleans $5.99 per pound 

Sweet Italian $5.99 per pound 

Hot Italian $ 5.99 per pound 

Sage & onion sausage $5.99 per pound 

Portobello mushroom $7.99 per pound 

Chorizo  $5.99 per pound 

Saukraut $6.99 per pound 

Farmers - $ 4.99 per pound 

Spiced apple  $5.99 per pound 

Sundried tomato  $5.99 per pound 

Manzanilla Olive  $7.99 per pound 

Spinach & feta  $7.99 per pound 

Honey  $ 6.99 per pound 

Roasted pepper & onion $7.99

hot & garlic $ 5.99 per pound 

Garlic  $5.99 per pound 

Paprika & garlic $5.99 per pound 

Smoked Sausage 

German BBQ 

Cheese sausage 

Beef sausage 

Chicken cheese & leek 

Chicken sausage 

Chicken roasted pepper 

Chicken Mango 

Coming soon chicken hot Italian 

Lamb sausage 

Turkey sausage 

Perfect for breakfast 

Breakfast sausage 

Honey sausage 

Maple sausage 

Perfect combination for stuffing turkey 

Sage & onion 

Spiced apple 

Mild sausage  


Try our new flavours

Cubano $7.99 per pound. 

French onion $7.99 per pound

Jerk sausage $7.99 per pound

Coming Soon 

Maple blueberry 

Chicken Hot Italian  

Chicken Rosemary sea salt 


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