Special Freezer Packages 

Going on holidays, camping, or just looking to top up your freezers with a variety of meats or different meals? Save money by ordering and picking up one of our special Freezer Packages. 

1.The cottager package - package package changes with items available ( MENU IS LISTED IN STORE) 

2.Light trail cottager 

    -Two pounds bacon, 6 hotdogs, one package peameal style bacon, 2 pounds hamburger, one pkg mild sausage & 8 seasoned hamburgers, package of breakfast sausage … choice of barbeque sauce

3. Cottage package

   - Two pounds of bacon, one package chicken thighs, 12 hotdogs, 2 pounds of regular hamburger, one package mild sausage,    large package of breakfast sausage, 8 seasoned hamburgers & one sirloin steak … choice of barbeque sauce

3. Family deluxe 

   - Four pounds of bacon, whole chicken, and 2 package chicken thighs, 2 packages of mild sausage, two sirloin, 12 hotdog, 6     pork chop, 2 package London boil & large homemade lasagna with choice BBQ sauce

5. Gourmet’s specialty 

   - Four pounds bacon, 6 pork chop, 2pound blade roast, 4 pounds regular ground beef, 10 pounds mild sausage,4 marinated      steaks, one large shepherd’s pie

6. Gourmet’s easy meal – 

   -large lasagna, small shepherd’s pie, 8 meat pies, 4 chicken pies, 12 ultimate dogs, 5pounds of mild sausage, 4 marinated        steaks, 8 bacon wrapped chicken, French apple pie

7. Steak lovers 

   - Two t-bone steaks, 2 rib steaks , 6 bacon wrap chicken skewers, 1 sirloin steaks, 4 cowboy kabobs, 4 marinated steaks &        bottle steak

8. Gourmet’s freezer filler 

   -Box of skinless wieners, box seasoned burgers, 10 pounds bacon, 10 pounds regular .ground burger, 5 pounds mild               sausage, 2 whole chicken, 6 bacon wrapped chicken, 4 rib or T-bone steak and small three cheese meat lasagna8.


Taking grilling to whole new level

“New" improved smoker from Traeger.


Traeger Pro 22  

Bronson & Tailgater available. 

Ironwood 650  

                     Timberline 850 

New fully Insulated & wifi 


BBQ season coming soon...

Sirloin Steak

 rib steak

 T-bone steak

New York strip loin 

Rib eye steak 

Beef tenderloin 

Bacon wrapped filet 

Marinated steak 

 AAA Steaks are local and aged 28 days.Get grilling with Gourmets. 

Our sausages are made in store with no additives, preservatives, no fillers and wide selection are gluten free. see store for details. 

Choose over 40 flavours. 

new "Jamaican jerk.”sausage.    

Bringing local products to its finest


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