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Gourmet's introduces L & C Gourmet Catering

Looking to set up an event consultation?

Please give us a call at 905-679-6821 or email to book your consultation.

We are pleased to be able to offer catering for your special event.  We cater to events ranging from weddings to baby showers and more. We will customize your menu to suit your needs. We offer everything from charcuterie boards to hot meals and sandwiches with buffet style options available.

For menu suggestions please see option menus below.  Any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Our service areas

Hamilton, Mount Hope, Ancaster, Hagersville, Stoney Creek, Brantford, Caledonia, Burlington and surrounding areas.


Quoted prices on this site are for pick-up only. 

Prices for weddings will vary.

Delivery for orders are available at an additional cost.

Delivery prices are dependant on delivery location and prices will vary accordingly.

For ideas for your event please see our sample menu options below.

If interested in options not listed below please email us to discuss alternative menu options.

Idea 1: Chicken Main Course Dinner

Starting at $ 38 + tax per person


Honey Glaze Chicken (GF)

Chicken Mesquite Kabobs (GF)

Rosemary and Balsamic Chicken (GF)

whiskey and sweet bacon chicken (GF)


Roasted potato with rosemary and sea salt (GF)

garlic mashed with crumble 

traditional mashed (GF)

roasted sweet potato with rosemary and black pepper 


Mixed Grilled Vegetables (GF) 

fresh vegetables (GF) (V)

 Maple Glazed Carrots (GF)

Asparagus (GF) (V)

Mixed Medley (GF)

Roasted vegetables(GF) (V)

Salad of your choice


Mixed Greens (GF) (V)

Apple/Pear with Goat Cheese with candied pecans (GF)

Roasted tomato and feta Pasta Salad 

Rustic Potato Salad (GF)

Greek (GF) (V)

Fresh ciabatta bread with garlic butter presented. 

Idea 2: Steak or Prime Rib Dinner

Starting at $ 62 + tax per person


Prime Rib Roast (GF)

New York strip loin (GF) 

Filet mignon bacon wrapped (GF)

Steak topped with sautéed mushrooms and roasted onion (GF)

Starch - choose one of the following to complete your entree

Double stuffed baked potato with cheese & bacon (GF)

roasted potatoes (GF) (V)

traditional mashed potato (GF)

Vegetable choose one to complete your entree

Mixed Grilled Vegetables- (GF) (V)

Maple Glazed Carrots (GF)

Asparagus (GF) (V)

Brown buttered French beans (GF)

Mixed Vegetables (GF)

Salad - chose one to complete your entree


Mixed Greens (GF) (V)

Apple/Pear with Goat Cheese with candied pecans 

Roasted tomato and feta Pasta Salad

Garden salad with fresh greens (GF) (V)

Idea 3: Stuffed Pork Loin Dinner

Starting at $45 + tax per person

Stuffed Pork Loin (GF)

spinach and feta (GF)

pear and balsamic with roasted pears and sweet onion (GF)

Vegetable choose one of the following complete your entree

Mixed Grilled Vegetable (GF)

fresh vegetables (GF) (V)

Maple Glazed (GF)

Asparagus (GF) (V)

Brown buttered Beans (GF)

Mixed Vegetables (GF)

Starch choose one of the following complete your entree

garlic mashed potato (GF)

rosemary sea salt roasted potatoes (GF) (V)

Double stuffed baked potato (GF)

Baked potato with side sour cream (GF)


Caesar with Parmesan crisps and bacon 

Mixed Greens (GF) (V)

 Apple/Pear with Goat Cheese with candied pecans (GF)

Roasted tomato and feta Pasta Salad 

Potato Salad ( GF)

Fresh Ciabatta Bread with Garlic Butter

Idea 4: Steak & Chicken 

Starting at $72 + tax per person

Idea 5: Chicken & hickory smoked ribs 

starting at $44.50 + tax per person 

 honey garlic chicken

 Choice of dried rubbed smoked ribs or hickory smoked ribs

Roasted potatoes 

 Apple slaw.

* (GF) gluten free 

*(V) vegan 

Local to your table 

Providing a wide variety of services to suit every possible need for your event.We offer full range of catering services. Our menus have no limits, so use your imagination. We will create the perfect custom menu to suit your taste, style and presentation. No menu detail is too small. 

Cooked Ribs.jpg

Chicken & Rib Dinner 

Honey garlic chicken, choice of dried rubbed ribs or hickory smoked ribs 

roasted potatoes 

apple slaw 

Special $38 plate

Pulled Pork.jpg

Pulled Pork slider bar 

Hickory pulled pork - slider buns 

Board presented with variety of toppings 

$14.95 per peron

Prime Rib Roast.jpg

Beef & Chicken 

Roast beef topped with sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions 

honey garlic chicken 


Roasted potatoes 

House salad

balsamic dressing 

ciabatta bread garlic butter 

French apple tart & cream

Special $48.99 plate

Includes dessert 

January - April events only


$ 50.00 + tax/2 people

$ 65.00 + tax/4 people

   + $16.95 (+ tax) for each indiv.

   person above 4

Platters are available based on the number of people you are feeding. They can be presented on raw rustic or a classic white platter. Our products are all homemade, including our dips. If there is a piece added to the platter that is not homemade, it was carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. There is no MSG in any of our products; we care about what is in our food. Prices vary between platters. Please place your order with 24 hours notice. 

We will be customizing your platter to your needs. Please contact us for an estimate.


Prices are subject to change based on availability, handling, or pairing.


Caesar,Fresh  Greens, Apple/Pear & Goat Cheese -  Starting $ 6.99 + tax/person

Macaroni, Rustic Potato, Greek  - $ 4.89 + tax/person


Roasted - $ 4.00 + tax/person

Double Stuffed - $ 5.95 + tax/person

Three Cheese Scalloped - $ 5.95 + tax/person

Mashed - $ 4.00 + tax/person


Roast Beef with Gravy & Onions - $ 12.99 + tax/person

Pulled Pork - $ 9.99 + tax/person

Slider Bar - starting at $ 14.95/person

Chicken Main - starting at $ 7.95 + tax/person

Mesquite Bacon Wrapped Chicken FULL - $ 12.95 + tax/person 

Mesquite Bacon Wrapped Chicken APP - $ 7.00 + tax/person

Beef Main - starting at $ 13.95 + tax/person

Appetizers - 

sweet & savoury meatballs 

sweet pepper bombs 

Cowboy kabob 

Whiskey chicken 

ultimate stuffed mushroom 

Mesquite bacon wrapped chicken 

sweet potato egg 

Cold Appetizers 


shrimp cocktail 

sensational fruit platter with berry cream dip 

fresh garden board with dill cream dip 

Roasted pear & apple sweet onion topped brie 

traditional deviled egg 

Three cheese spinach dip 

Classic bread board - hummus, bruschetta, 

Caprese bites - drizzled balsamic reduction 

Greek cucumber cups 

Questions? Contact Us!

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

The Gourmets Team



Creating food with local ingredients 

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